World-Class Leather, Crafted Locally

Handmade Leather Belts

We handcraft our belts from the finest leather, with and without decorative hardware. Starting with full-grain leather hides, we hand-cut them into straps, bevel the edges, then dye and burnish the edges with a bee's-wax finish and hand-set decorative hardware. (Natural-edge belts are left undyed and unwaxed.) You can adorn almost any belt with your favorite buckle, since it unsnaps for easy replacement.

Also check out the Wide Leather Belts section.  For those with allergies to nickel, we offer a selection of stainless steel belt buckles, as well as a nickel-free belt with a stainless steel or solid brass buckle that is stitched in place so that no nickel hardware ever touches your skin.

Before ordering a leather belt, please click here to measure for a correct fit.